RRA represents the interests of its members and the transport industry in a number of ways:

  • – The Organisation has close contacts at the highest levels with the Ministers of Transport, Public Enterprises, as well as Environmental Affairs and Tourism, and the Department of Trade and Industries.


  • – RRA represents the Railway industry in respect to BEE issues and sits on the Department of Transport Committee, which drafts of “Codes of Good Practice” for the transport sector, including the development of a balance BEE scorecard.


  • – RRA has been involved with the creation of the Railway Safety Regulator and represents the Rail sector as a permanent member on the Technical Committee of the South African Bureau of Standards,


  • – The Organisation works with the Department of Trade and Industries as a Joint Action Group of Trade and Investment in South Africa, to promote Railway industry export of goods and services.


  • – RRA participates in support of the transport agenda on the NEPAD initiative and intends to work closely with all regional Associations.


  • – RRA works with important stakeholder and actively solicits the involvement of transport users through regular consultations. As such, it promotes active participation by Railway and other transport industry leaders to look after the best interests of freight logistics and to create a positive interface with other modes.


  • – RRA seeks to develop a better understanding by all South Africans of the services and value of each transport mode. The Association promotes infrastructure investment based on sound and responsible business decision taking cognisance of social development requirements.


  • – RRA facilitates public/private sector communication in developing and implementing policies to engage the greater participation of all stakeholders and to advance Black Economic Empowerment.


  • – RRA promotes transport safety on Road and Rail by working closely with regulators institutions. It has a memorandum of understanding with the Railway Safety Regulator and is encouraging a similar regimen for the Road industry.


  • – RRA with the support of industry operators, services and material providers aims to take transport development forward and to ensure future growth and development in South Africa, the region and continent’s competitiveness.