Our Partners


  • – RRA has created a forum for discussion and debate amongst industry leaders, politicians and the public in respect of national transport policy and creating a balanced transport environment where there is competitive equality between the overland modes.
  • – RRA maintains open communication at the highest levels with the Ministries of Transport, Public Enterprise, Mineral & Energy Affairs, Environmental Affairs and Tourism, as well as the Institutions of Civil Engineers and other learned societies. The Association regularly interacts with government Departments on issues pertinent to the achievement of the RRA action agenda.
  • – Since 2001, RRA has been involved with the creation of the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR). A Memorandum of Understanding with the RSR was signed in October 2005 and formally recognised the Association to be representing operators in respect of the development of standards. Working closely with the Committee of Railway Engineering, RRA also occupies a permanent seat on the technical committee at the SA Bureau of Standards.
  • – Additionally, RRA collaborates with the Department of Trade and Industries as a Joint Action Group of Trade and Investment South Africa to promote the export of goods and services.
  • – RRA representatives have presented papers at various local and international conferences and workshops in several countries, ranging from South Africa to Great Britain, Uganda, Tanzania etc. These delegates hold meetings and engage in discussions with government transport department in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States.
  • – With regard to research, RRA has promoted study by the University of Pretoria into developing a holistic cost analysis and life-cycle cost evaluation of Road and Rail transport operations in South Africa. This academic study, it is anticipated, will create a better understanding of user cost responsibilities.
  • – RRA has developed contacts with similar organisations worldwide and has a government-driven memorandum of understanding with the Canadian Railway Association, as well as links with Australian British and American organisations.