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Established in October 2000, the RAIL ROAD ASSOCIATION (RRA) founded to consolidate and streamline South Africa‚Äôs Rail and Road transport resources. As the first locally-based Association representing the interests of the country’s transport industry, the organisation looks to improve efficiency in the supply of materials and services to various operators in the region.

RRA has thus developed lines of communications with academic institutions and other organisations who have been concerned with adverse deteriorating competitiveness and underutilisation of the Railways, the on-going degradation of the country’s Roads and the resulting danger to lives as well as the economic sustainability of the country in the global arena.

In 2013, RRA revisited its Mission and Vision and identified the need to re-align itself and value proposition to its members. This resulted in an enhanced mandate and the need to increase its footprint to cover Sub-Saharan Africa. The year 2015 saw an increased focus on Southern African Railways as well as the more direct links with the Department of Trade and Industries, the Department of Transport, and the members towards revitalising the Railway industry.



  • Promoting investment in transport infrastructure, utilising appropriate intermodal linkages for both passenger and freight Rail, coupled with cost-efficient infrastructure facilities.
  • Improving service delivery by all land transport modes.
  • Reducing the cost of transport for domestic, and import/export traffic
  • Promoting appropriate safety standards and policing for all transport modes, and establishing fair and sustainable working practices
  • Encouraging customer orientated and cost-effective inter-city and commuter passenger service, having convenient intermodal linkages.
  • Creating a better understanding of and quantifying the external costs of land-based transport and the internalisation of such costs on the “user-pay” principle
  • Promoting the export of South African products and services, service delivery capabilities, and local transport sector expertise and foreign direct investment.
  • Promoting greater public/private sector co-operation and project development to advance Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment as part of opening opportunities in the transport sector to all South Africans.
  • To promote regional integration by using Rail as a backbone.



To be the leading and most influential organisation ensuring in ensuring efficient and intelligent Rail & Road integrated transport networks across Africa.


To enable the safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of our members. The RRA will provide independent, objective and technically sound information, advice and expertise to enable decision makers, role players and stakeholder to make informed decisions regarding choice of mode, while at the same time addressing environmental and safety considerations.





RRA has its own website, a repository where stakeholders can access important transportation information. The media section is updated each week and contains extracts from newspapers and magazine articles covering Rail and Road transport, shipping and ports, air transport and pipelines. A wealth of archival material can be found in the Transport Database.

The Press Statement section contains Fact Sheets, Position Papers and Transportation Issue Review that deal with many issues of importance.